History of Arts in Motion

Arts in Motion’s mission is to cultivate an appreciation of the arts through dance, use dance to teach essential life skills to young people and promote social and emotional learning and to enhance the enjoyment of life through dance for people of all ages, income levels, and abilities.

Our primary program, Dancing Classrooms, helps young people develop confidence, respect, and a love for the art of dance.

Incorporated in 2005 as a local nonprofit arts education organization, Arts in Motion originally focused on community outreach. During its first three years, Arts in Motion collaborated with Girls Inc., Camp Fire USA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Kids Club program within OPS. Through these partnerships, Arts in Motion taught art, music, and dance classes. In 2006, Arts in Motion introduced a program entitled Dancing Classrooms to four Omaha elementary schools, and the enthusiastic reception and initial success of the program pointed the way for Arts in Motion as the young organization determined its direction. From 2006 until 2018, Arts in Motion has focused its activities solely on the growth of  both Golden Ballroom and Dancing Classrooms and its related Saturday programs which allow Dancing Classrooms graduates to continue their dance instruction.