Classroom Teachers and Adminstration Testimonials

“I have been directly involved with Dancing Classrooms for four years and I find great benefits from the program.  Dancing Classrooms is a way to help the students bond and form lasting relationships.  After only a few lessons, I can see a change in the dynamics of the classroom from being a group of students to being a group of friends.  Dancing Classrooms also helps with teaching manners and and respect for others.  Students gain confidence and pride in what they have accomplished  – it’s a great opportunity for students to experience life lessons they may not otherwise have available to them.”

“Three years ago when we started the program, I was very skeptical of it and what benefits it could bring to our students and staff.  Now I couldn’t be more excited about it!  It has been a joy to see our students learn how to dance and have fun doing it.  They take a lot of pride in becoming good dancers and representing their school at the competitions.  Aside from learning how to dance, it has also taught our students important character lessons on how to treat one another and how to respect the opposite sex.  These are lessons that will be useful the rest of their lives.”


“I have been part of the Dancing Classrooms program for four years with my 5th gade students.  The benefits are varied for individual students and the classroom as a whole.  One benefit is certainly the physical exercise – enough can’t be said for the importance of encouraging an activity that adds to a healthy lifestyle.  I have seen students grow in their maturity, self-confidence and self-esteem.  For the class as a whole, students learn to be more respectful to and encouraging of each other.  It certainly is a process taking students from the “I can’t touch or be around someone” stage to the “We all have fun and dance with each other” stage.  Dancing Classrooms has really become one of the most popular programs in our school!”

“Our staff loves Dancing Classrooms as much as our students do.  Our staff assists our uniquely-abled students to help them have a positive experience alongside typically-abled peers.  The Dulaine Method of teaching fits perfectly with our buildings’ character education program.  Dancing Classrooms allows us to integrate all of our students together for the on-going lesson of acceptance.  There is much excitement in our building during the Dancing Classrooms experience!”

“There are many negative stereotypes of inner-city children.  This program helps these children believe they do not have to accept this, they do not have to behave in a way that has been “pre-set” for them, and they do not have to succumb to peer pressure.”

“We don’t know what the students are bringing with them to their Dancing Classrooms class.  We can’t know what their struggles are, what problems at home they’re dealing with, or what challenges they’re facing at school.  We can however, provide them a safe place to have some joy, build their confidence and help them to know there are people in their corner.”

“I am most impressed by Pierre Dulaine’s belief that a child or adult who feels respected and accepted will thrive.  I cannot stress enough the profound results this simple sounding approach can produce.  Dancing Classrooms gives the students a chance and we don’t even entertain the thought that they might not be able to do it – they will succeed!  The organization of the lesson plans is tried and true – and the results never cease to be positive and I attribute this to the students always feeling respected.”

“Each year we participate in the Dancing Classrooms program we see a transformation take place in our students.  Besides the students’ increased confidence in their dancing is the lessons learned in respecting each other.  Courtesy and manners are continually reinforced throughout the program.  Equally important as these benefits is the opportunity for students to develop an appreciation for the art of dance and the realization for some that they possess talent that they may not otherwise discover if it weren’t for this program.  An awareness of different cultures is also fostered as each dance and its country of origin are introduced.”